Chintamani Traders Blog Latest Products Thu, 25 Apr 2024 07:20:58 +0530 en-us Health Benefits of Safed Musli You Need To Know For a Better Health Thu, 20 Aug 2020 12:22:23 +0530 Safed Musli is a rarely found herb in India which has a considerable role in traditional systems of medicines like Ayurvedic, Unani, and homoeopathy. This Indian herb has tremendous health benefits if used in arthritis, cancer, diabetes, boosting vitality, improving sexual performance and other uses as well.These days, it is also showing up good results in supplements promoted for bodybuilding. This plant species is now an endangered species worldwide due to overharvesting by various Wholesale Safed Musli Suppliers.How does it work? Safed Musli supplied by leading Safed Musli Supplier in Delhi contains chemicals that might have effects in the body. Some of the researches in animals have shown that it might have anti-inflammatory effects. Other researches on animals also show that it might upsurge sexual activity and possibly have effects similar to testosterone.However, this research is preliminary, some people believe it and some not.What are the Safed Musli Powder Benefits? One of the best supplements for health to Improve Immunity. It is packed with rich nutrients and contains various medicinal property. Hence, Safed Musli whether coarse or powder may fight against various health problems to improve the overall immunity.May Support Digestive Health Furthermore, in the list to the Safed Musli benefits, it also deals with gastric problems effectively. It may help to release digestive problems like diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation etc.May Promote a Strong Anti-oxidant Activity It comes with a powerful anti-oxidant property that helps Safed Musli powder fights with oxidative stress. Hence it can rejuvenate the body and keeps it calm to function well.May Support a Joint Health The richness of anti-inflammatory properties adds to an overall Safed Musli benefits. However, this medicinal property may help to reduce the joint pain and thus supports Arthritis care.Beneficial for Throat Infections By providing the soothing effect, this Safed Musli powder may reduce the throat itchiness and thus relievesMay Showcase Beneficial Effect on Sleeping Problems With mind-calming properties, it may reduce stress, depression, and anxiety and thus helps in reducing sleeping disorders such as insomnia.May Maintain a Healthy Sugar Level With the aid of the antioxidant effect and a hyperglycaemic property, this Safed Musli may also help to sustain a healthy sugar level.May Fights with Fatigue Numerous nutrients offer extra benefits in Safed Musli powder. It also may help in delivering great strength to the body, which may help in fighting with the fatigue. Additionally, it may help in maintaining the energy all day long.Maybe a Good Option for Lactation Safed Musli powder also acts as a galactagogue, which may help in delivering the milk supply in the feeding mother.May Beneficial for Body Building Safed Musli may encourage muscle growth, tissue retrieval, and restoration, which make it perfect for using in the body-building process.Why should you contact Safed Musli Supplier in India? You can get top-rated quality along with the following features from them.• Customised bulk order• Affordable pricing• Safe and hygienic packaging• Smooth and timely delivery Powerful Health Benefits of Tulsi Tue, 13 Oct 2020 11:30:37 +0530 Tulsi is a plant which is easy to go grow and almost found in every Indian house. Tulsi has always been an integral part of the ancient Ayurveda. You will find many tulsi patta suppliers in India due to its great demand among people.Tulsi is an inexpensive herb which is loaded with many health benefits therefore you can easily buy tulsi from any wholesale tulsi patta supplier. It helps in strengthening immunity, fighting viral and bacterial infections, helps in combating various skin and hair related issues.Just a few tulsi leaves can help a lot in resolving many lifestyles and health-related issues. You can buy some tulsi leaves from wholesale tulsi patta supplier and use it for a longer period.What are the home remedies you can do with tulsi? – • Tulsi is one of the most widely and commonly used ingredients in many home remedies. It helps in fighting with regular fever to the most fatal viral and bacterial infections.• Tulsi can cure or sometimes even facilitate in treating most of the diseases.• You can boil tulsi leaves in water and add black pepper to it and drink it for boosting your immunity. It is also antibacterial.• Helps in fighting diseases like dengue, viral fever etc. You can make ‘kadha’ at home with tulsi leaves.• Take some water and boil a mix of tulsi leaves, ginger, crushed peppercorn and keep boiling it until it changes colour. Once you see it’s done you strain the water and drink it. This ‘kadha' helps in treating various numbers of illness.Some health benefits of tulsi leaves – • You can find many tulsi parts suppliers in India, choose one and buy your tulsi leaves from them. Tulsi acts as a cleaning, detoxifying and purifying agent in your body.• Tulsi leaves are also effective in treating issues like itching, ringworms, and various other skin related problems.• You can both apply it and consume it for great results.• Buy your tulsi from tulsi patta suppliers in India and make hard raw teas out of it.• You can buy tulsi from wholesale tulsi parts supplier and make its powder or paste and have it as supplements.• Tulsi is antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral and also anti-carcinogenic.• Get your tulsi from tulsi parts suppliers in India, and have it for relieving headache, cough, cold, flu, fever, sore throat, chest congestion, nose blockage etc.• Tulsi helps in curing asthma, bronchitis and many other chronic respiratory problems.• Get tulsi from any wholesale tulsi patta supplier as it is loaded with phytonutrients, vitamin A, essential oils, vitamin C.• Tulsi helps in relieving stress, facilitates a proper digestion system, strengthens immunity. Helps in countering the elevated blood sugar levels and benefits a lot to diabetic patients.• Researchers claim that tulsi helps in maintaining the stress hormones at a normal level. Maintains the levels of cortisol in a person’s body.• Tulsi even helps in regulating the levels of uric acid and eliminated the risk of kidney stones. It also helps those who already have kidney stones.• Tulsi helps in keeping your gums healthy and teeth strong.• Tulsi can also help in treating insect bite and works as a great insect repellent. It can help in treating health conditions like malaria, hepatitis, dengue, swine flu, tuberculosis etc.These were all the health benefits of having tulsi leaves. So buy yourself some tulsi from any wholesale tulsi patta supplier.You will easily find many tulsi patta suppliers in India. Miraculous Way to Boost Fertility with Shivlingi Beej Wed, 27 Jan 2021 12:44:10 +0530 Shivlingi beej is a wonderful ayurvedic medicine that is best known for its fertility enhancement effects. It is a natural ingredient that is extensively used to treat all kind of female infertility problems and gynaecological issues in women. Prepared from natural herbs, shivlingi seed is recommended as a uterine tonic for women to improve the chances of conception.Shivlingi seeds are known to have a bitter, pungent taste. Derived from shivlingi plants, these seeds are attributed for their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, analgesic, antipyretic and spermatogenic properties. It is safe for most individuals when taken in recommended dosages and provides an incredible list of benefits.Health benefits for women:• Shivlingi seeds are an excellent herbal remedy for infertility issues in women.• By normalizing the menstrual cycle, it helps cure ovulation problem and thus improves the chances of conception.• It helps reduce menopause symptoms like hot flashes, depression, acne, night sweat etc in women.• It helps relieve PMS-related symptoms, like backache, mood swing, headaches, pelvic pain, bloating, and irritability• It nourishes female sexual organs and improves their functioning.• It is effective in treating heavy bleeding and excessive pain during the period• It balances the hormones to retain a pregnancy• It is a very good remedy for leucorrhoea• It improves the quality of ovarian follicles• It regulates menstrual cycle post child birth• It helps prevent recurrent miscarriageOther benefits of having Shivlingi Beej • Boosts male fertility: It is a potential testosterone booster and used to cure impotency in men. Owing to its spermatogenic properties, shivlingi seeds helps to improve the quality of sperms as well as the total count. It is also used as an aphrodisiac to improve libido and masculinity.• Natural remedy for constipation: As a rich source of Glucomannan, a natural dietary fibre shivlingi seed regulates bowel movement and cures constipation.• Fever management: Due to its antipyretic properties, Shivlingi seeds can be effective in lowering high body temperature.• Helps to lose weight: Regular consumption of shivlingi seeds can play an important role in reducing body mass index and body weight.Prepared from all the natural Ayurvedic herbs, shivlingi seeds can be taken for a long time and do not produce any side effects. Providing customers across the country with a quality-tested range of shivlingi beej at the competitive price range, the wholesale suppliers in Delhi have established a strong foothold in the plant-based medicine market nationwide. Following are some of the main factors that enable the shivlingi beej suppliers to stand tall in the market.• Sourcing the shivlingi seeds from reliable vendors of the market, they offer a qualitative range of herbs as per the set industry standards at the highest competitive rate.• Reckoned as leading shivlingi beej supplier in India, they always maintain transparency in all their transactions and direct all their activities to cater to the expectations of their customer.• Their offered products are checked thoroughly by a team of quality controllers on pre-defined parameters before finally forwarding them to the marketplace.• Backed by a strong team, great infrastructure and wide networks the suppliers are well equipped to suffice the demand for shivlingi seeds.Start taking shivlingi beej today and say good bye to all your infertility woes. Know the health benefits of Tulsi for a healthy kid Sat, 24 Apr 2021 11:01:26 +0530 Kids can be notorious and are hard to handle at times. With their mischievous attitude, they tend to fall sick easily particularly cold and flu. With such a tender age, giving medicines is not always an option and parents look forward to some home remedies. Having such quick home remedies will help in treating small illnesses without any side effects that are quite prevalent among kids. Moreover, kids do not like to take medicine which brings parents back to traditional remedies. While searching for home remedies, tulsi patta is very common n popular in Indian households and is extremely beneficial for kids. It has numerous health benefits that you need to know to ensure good health for your kids.Check the health benefits of tulsi patta for kids The health benefits of tulsi patta are as follows: • Heals skin problems: As kids, they play outdoors and in mud and dirt which leads to numerous skin problems. Adding tulsi leaves to bathing water will help to avoid all sorts of skin problems. By simply rubbing tulsi leaves, it will help the kids avoid mosquito bites while playing. • Boosts immunity: With powerful medicinal and healing properties, it helps in boosting immunity. Adding few tulsi leaves in water and boiling and giving it to children also helps in boosting immunity. • Good for dental health: Regularly chewing few tulsi leaves prevents bad odour. It helps fight tartar, cavities, plaque and bad breath. You can easily ensure that your kid is away from all these problems by making them chew a few tulsi leaves every day. • Good for digestion: With secretive digestive enzymes, tulsi leaves help in strengthening the digestive system and promotes digestion. • Rich in Vitamin K: For bone and heart health, vitamin K is extremely important and tulsi leaves are rich in vitamin K. • Improves respiratory health: Tulsi is known to cure chronic and acute bronchitis. It is good for respiratory health. • Improves eye health: Tulsi leaves soaked in water can cure conjunctivitis. You can use it to wash your kid’s eyes. • Cures fever naturally: With the use of tulsi leaves, fungal and viral fever in kids is treated naturally with its disinfectant and germicidal property.With the above benefits of tulsi leaves for kids, you can easily avoid medicines for minor health issues that can be cured at home. You can look for a tulsi patta supplier that can offer you fresh and high-quality tulsi leaves and get started with the health care regime for the kids.Apart from that, you can also get in contact with tulsi patta suppliers in India for a regular supply of tulsi leaves so that you will never miss the good health of your kid and can easily promote good health in every way possible. Tulsi leaves can be consumed or applied in different ways which will help you to avoid various types of minor health issues and to cure certain acute issues. With tulsi leaves, you can make sure that minor health issue does not occur and can be avoided while being at home and particularly for kids. Eight Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds, Jeera Fri, 30 Jul 2021 09:46:54 +0530 Cumin seeds also known as Jeera are the dried seeds that come from the Cuminum Cyminum plant. It is also a popular spice used all over the world especially in Indian cuisines and also have become the subject of medicinal research for the claim of its health benefits. The Jeera Seeds suppliers in India provide the jeera seeds either as a whole seed or in the powdered form. They are yellow and brown colored oval shaped seeds which gives a pungent flavor and brings taste in the dish. When the jeera seeds are roasted, they give an intense flavor and aroma with a nutty texture. The jeera seeds suppliers provide the cumin seeds with the best quality that provide great aroma and even a small quantity will be sufficient to complete the dish.Uses of Jeera Seeds The jeera seeds are mostly used in the Indian dishes, grills and stews. They also have a great medicinal value and helps in digestion and treatment of various stomach related problems. They also act as a remedy for different menstrual problems such as irregular periods. The jeera seed suppliers also provide the cumin seeds to food processing industries for the production of garam masala. The cumin seeds are also used for protecting the skin against fungal infections.Specifications and Nutritional Value of Jeera Seeds The jeera seeds are packed in packets of around 5 kg up to 10 kg. They have a shelf life from 3 to 6 months. The jeera seeds are rich in nutritional value. The 100 g of jeera seeds provide energy up to 375 calories, protein 17.81 g, carbohydrates 42.3g, fats 21.3g and fiber around 10.6 g. It is also rich in minerals as it contains nearly 20 percent of iron and 9.3 % of calcium.Overall the jeera seeds are a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium etc. it is also rich in vitamin B6 and niacin. The jeera seeds have very less quantity of saturated fats and cholesterol.Health Benefits From Cumin Seeds There are numerous health benefits provided by jeera seeds. The most common benefit of cumin seed is to soothe the stomach, both the intestines and the entire digestive tract. As jeera seeds are rich in essential oils therefore they stimulates the acid in the stomach and pancreatic juices which helps in easy digestion of starch. The jeera seeds not only promote digestion but also tend to prevent constipation. As jeera seeds are rich source of iron they may prove beneficial for curing anemia. These seeds are rich in amount of calcium also therefore is a bone supporting mineral. Jeera seeds also acts as antioxidants which aid to overcome wrinkles, acne and scars. These tiny seeds are helpful in treating fungal infections and to provide glow to the skin. The most advantage of jeera seeds apart from cooking is helping to lose weight. It is often studied that when jeera seeds are soaked in water overnight, strained and mixed with lemon juice promotes easy weight loss. The essential oils present in jeera help to tranquilize the effects of stress.Apart from the health benefits, the jeera seeds provide an extra taste, flavor and aroma to the cuisines making them more savory.The jeera seeds suppliers provide high quality cumin seeds tested thoroughly which enhances the taste of the food to be cooked and medicinal qualities to the body.