Eight Health Benefits Of Cumin Seeds, Jeera

Posted by Admin on July, 30, 2021

Cumin seeds also known as Jeera are the dried seeds that come from the Cuminum Cyminum plant. It is also a popular spice used all over the world especially in Indian cuisines and also have become the subject of medicinal research for the claim of its health benefits. The Jeera Seeds suppliers in India provide the jeera seeds either as a whole seed or in the powdered form. They are yellow and brown colored oval shaped seeds which gives a pungent flavor and brings taste in the dish. When the jeera seeds are roasted, they give an intense flavor and aroma with a nutty texture.

The jeera seeds suppliers provide the cumin seeds with the best quality that provide great aroma and even a small quantity will be sufficient to complete the dish.

Uses of Jeera Seeds

The jeera seeds are mostly used in the Indian dishes, grills and stews. They also have a great medicinal value and helps in digestion and treatment of various stomach related problems. They also act as a remedy for different menstrual problems such as irregular periods. The jeera seed suppliers also provide the cumin seeds to food processing industries for the production of garam masala. The cumin seeds are also used for protecting the skin against fungal infections.

Specifications and Nutritional Value of Jeera Seeds

The jeera seeds are packed in packets of around 5 kg up to 10 kg. They have a shelf life from 3 to 6 months. The jeera seeds are rich in nutritional value. The 100 g of jeera seeds provide energy up to 375 calories, protein 17.81 g, carbohydrates 42.3g, fats 21.3g and fiber around 10.6 g. It is also rich in minerals as it contains nearly 20 percent of iron and 9.3 % of calcium.
Overall the jeera seeds are a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium etc. it is also rich in vitamin B6 and niacin. The jeera seeds have very less quantity of saturated fats and cholesterol.

Health Benefits From Cumin Seeds

There are numerous health benefits provided by jeera seeds. The most common benefit of cumin seed is to soothe the stomach, both the intestines and the entire digestive tract. As jeera seeds are rich in essential oils therefore they stimulates the acid in the stomach and pancreatic juices which helps in easy digestion of starch. The jeera seeds not only promote digestion but also tend to prevent constipation. As jeera seeds are rich source of iron they may prove beneficial for curing anemia. These seeds are rich in amount of calcium also therefore is a bone supporting mineral.

Jeera seeds also acts as antioxidants which aid to overcome wrinkles, acne and scars. These tiny seeds are helpful in treating fungal infections and to provide glow to the skin. The most advantage of jeera seeds apart from cooking is helping to lose weight. It is often studied that when jeera seeds are soaked in water overnight, strained and mixed with lemon juice promotes easy weight loss. The essential oils present in jeera help to tranquilize the effects of stress.

Apart from the health benefits, the jeera seeds provide an extra taste, flavor and aroma to the cuisines making them more savory.
The jeera seeds suppliers provide high quality cumin seeds tested thoroughly which enhances the taste of the food to be cooked and medicinal qualities to the body.

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